Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The beginning of a legendary season

It has already been a legendary season so far in the alps. Even though it has barely started. I've had some more awesome weeks after doing couloirs and coffe bars in Canazei, going thorugh both France, Switzerland, Austria and even Germany, for the ISPO in Munich.

Ripping together with Tor Fænrik aka "da captain" in Disentis, Switzerland.

First stopped by Chamonix and Aosta, with Pilbøgen and Fripster, getting a nice dinner by kokken Jens at the Munchies and some good riding on the first big January storm. Charging the batteries at Fripsters place with good times and getting some online work done also hit the spot. Thanx to Fripster for the hopitality and the beer!

Frippe puttin some abracadabra into the pillows of Cham Pow Luc

Then headed to Disentis where everything just got better and better. Crashed in the brand new Nangijala bed & bar that has taken afterski and nightlife into a new level in Disentis. (Level one that is still actually... so we are not talking Garage here).

Disentis was as always tons of pow to go around for everybody to share long after snowfall. What a place. Hooked up with the Radicals, with the Åre vacation club crew and with Capt Fænrix, lillejallis and brand new Morten.

The Ponteletoons parked outside.

Good hygge inside.

And stuff like this for Morten and all the others outside.

Than, after a quick visit to Andermatt with the Havre dudes, Eidslott, Bjørni and Sandbech, I headed to ISPO to get my skis waxed by the superman Swix prepp professor and then it was straight back to Italy again. And hold on to the brillan. It had snowed about a couple of meters since the last time I was there and it snowed over another meter when we had arrived. Definition of epic. Claim that mofokkaz.

This terrain, with all that snow? Best ever. Just ski down there and jump off of something for crying out loud. As long as there isn't a tree there, the landing is good.

The Olympics in pillows was also held when we visited Italy this time. Here is Chris passing one of the favorites for the gold medal.

And just forget about it..... we will be back.

See you on the mountain!


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