Thursday, September 10, 2009

Awesome Singletrack at the North West shore

Had an awesome weekend up by the deep fjords of north west Norway, riding some of the most scenic and steepest bike-terrain there is, at least what I've seen. The local rippers Veronica, Bjørnar, Helge, Arild and Håvard with friends threw a camp, got nearly 50 stoked big city bikers up there and showed them the best singletracks between peak and fjord.

On top of a peak on the west coast of Norway and only one way to go from there. Down. Fast.This is mountainbiking really close to ski touring with 6 inch suspension like big fat planks that are ready for good times going down. As good as it gets, at least without snow.

VIDEO: The minestry of stash has put together a feel good film that pretty much says all there is to say:

Perfect shuttle setup by the locals give you 750 vertical for free.

Veronica and Bjørnar takin a break on the long way down from mefjellet at 1100 meters above barbeque-and-beer-level.

Bjørnar whippin some tail for the cameras; fjords in the background, fiddlers in bunad playing folk songs on the side, blond cow girls milkin fresh organic strawberry milkshakes straight outa freeridin eco mountain cows and smilin' german campers throwin smuggled bratwurst and beer parties for the bikers, and snow coverd mountain peaks and glaciers hangin above the fjord and total bluebird and giant blueberries all over the place and singletracks paved with nothin but golden brown dirt. Just another ordinary day of ridin at the North West Shore of Norwegian mountainbiking, no wonder I get carried away...

Whæææææææææm! Bruuuuuhhm!

Ground zero, bbq, fjord, campin and beer equals good times.

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