Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winter 09 Getting Started

Took it easy starting off the 09 winter season with chill times in Hyggedal. Playing with Max Hygge, hanging with Maria and staying with Schou, Tuten, David and Landsbylegen was the perfect way to start the winter season.

Ripping ice with Maria is almost as good as pow with the boys.

Cruising pist and crap can be just as good for getting in pow shape as going straight for the actual good stuff. But it is not nescesarely that fun. After scarping ice and eating hard landings on small drops around Hemsedal I got soft and headed to Voss together with David. Weather forecast said it was turning from snow to sun, and the rumours said the top lifts were opening up after some down time. We got in the car, filled the coffeecups and did an early morning start.

Popping pill(ows) gets you up in the morning.

Finding Voss' deapest and steepest in the forrest. Maybe also the shortest, but there is a lot of good small stuff in the Voss Fjellandsby resort. Even if you don't like eating sheep heads and drinking home brew, you're probably going to like the skiing if you go there.

David Magnusson heading towards pøls and more coffee at the YX station down town Voss redneck outskirts.

Thanx to Sverre Cornerbay and his colleagues for excellent guiding, awalanche security and shootig the photos. Check out