Sunday, April 26, 2009

Head for the Couloirs: Lyngen all over again.

Went back to Lyngen again for the seccond time this season. Worse weather than on the spa boat adventure, but the skiing was good. As they say in Narvik: when the weather is arse, go for the couloirs.

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Hooked up with Rattfallah's Tron Helium and Jens-Monkey Øvervoll, and booted up whatever looked nice, steep and close to the road. Got some sun, some milk, some whiteout, some storm, some rain and some snow... Welcome to the North.

Got two ski days and one dagenderpå-day after a good late night afterski on Saturtay. We had deserved. First day we went to urhælvete, or Urda as they say south of the moral circle, and started scrambeling up. Still snow all the way down so went into boot mode early and actually never got out of it since the J-Monkey forgot his skins. Plan B was good though, to just head for the first couloir we could see and start making steps. Snow was a bit deep in some places actually, makin it hard work in the steepest parts, but soft all over the place so we did not have to change tires.

Me heading back down to the fjord.

Tron discovering that in Northern Norway the rain you get on the way up is turned into pow on the way down. Another magic phenomenon only found on the right side of the rim.

Headed for this chute on the south side of Sultind on day two. 800 meters and ski in / ski out straight from the car. Just the way we like it.

Forgot our skins on purpose this time. Nordnorge in the lead as always.

The crew makin our best faces halfway up.

Jens-Morten representing Nordnorsk Forening For Harmoniske Dobbeltnavn enjoying the top where it felt like winter again. Fresh, dry snow on top.

Locals Ragnar (in the blue corner representing Lyngseidet) and Stian (in the red corner representing Tromsø) enjoyed some beer from the north and chicks from the south after most of the Eldrebølgen had called it the night.

Stay tuned. Heading for Lofoten now. Surf and Ski in the worlds most beautiful archipelago is next!
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Lofoten Freeride Invitational; we will be back!

5 days of good weather, good snow and good surf in what may be the worlds most#1 most beautiful place is way more than deserved for a carefully selected group of some of the dirtiest dudes in Norway. We know it, we did not have it coming to us, but that did not stop us from enjoying it.

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Johhny Howard enjoying a one-eyed view of mountains and sea. Does this man deserve this gift from the weather gods?

Everything was set for the Lofoten Freeride Invitational comp, with bluebird, good snow and an awesome face that Gelly had gotten Per Ola to scope out for us. Johnny Howard opened it up by pointing down a nasty line at the top, sticking a cliff and from there pretty much start turning to slow down before hitting the bottom gate about four secconds later. Unfortunately only 5 guys got to follow him, as the 6th went switch out over a couple of cliff bands and had to be flown out by the rescue helicopter. That took some time, the sun left, the snow turned ice and then it was over.

The face. A real mountain for a change.

Torgrim Vole got the most out of the mountain, of the 5 riders who came down in one piece, and could cash in NOK 7000,- in beers at the party. Generously shared with all of us of course.

Erik "The Face Of" Ro"h"an and Mykingen gives Johnny Howards' skis a little late nigh last rocker finish before the comp day.

My Danish Friend Jeppe Hansen called me up and said he was coming to Lofoten. He just needed to know what the closest airport was...

After some hours of mixin drinks and playing techno Jeppe arrived together with Fredrik Lundby, a pilot and their very own plane...

Jeppe about to take another soft landing in Lofoten. His front flip in the comp was not as smooth as this one, nor the one in Svolvær airport, but he did get to show the Norwegians that danish dudes born under the shadow of Himmelbjergets north face can gi den gass on the mountain.

After a couple of beers and a full on authentic afterparty Henningsværstyle it was time to leave lofoten for this time. In style of course. Bjørni, Myking, Johnny H and Jogi enjoys a deluxe meal on Hurtigruten, cruising south. Hope we'll be invited next year too. Me, I'll be back in a couple of weeks.


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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cruising to Lofoten

Got on the Powder Cruise boat and headed north after some good days with ski and surf in Sunnmøre. The magic Lofoten islands is all about the same; mountains and ocean, just further North, further into the ocean and closer to the fish.

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Bjørn Thomas signed up for the voyage after takin 3rd in the Hemsedal freeride comp and was ready to rip Lofoten.

The way to go between the mountains.

Unnstad. Hoddevik, just add north.

Johnny Howard going for the big fish and Hippo ready to eat it.

Just a quick ski trip before surf.

And the Hurtigruten keeps on cruising. Stay tuned.


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