Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Surf Report: Saltstein

Tallak and Hell-Bent have been off to the Salty Rock and brought the Cannon SLR. Obviously the storm that ended the fantastic BBQ-summer down east at least brough some bumps on the ocean into the Oslofjord.

Bjørn Erik Hagen just came out of that green hole.... right?

An angry crowd of 20, at about 20 hundred hours, just before the swell peaked. Salt Rock Pipeline at its best... right?

Bentsky and Tallak gettin some of that saltstainsgourmet up in the sjæla between sessions.

Bjørn Erik again sending some of that water back where it came from.

Tronde Brudeset is bailed out by a local salt-rock-chick.

Tallak in for a white ride.

Unknown salt-rock pro throws a floater on his Brennmanet-camo board.

"We will be back!" -Tallak and Bent, somewhere in the Oslofjord.

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