Saturday, June 14, 2008

End of the cruise season

It's end of the real winter season, we have to admit but King Winter is still keeping his cold hands over some parts of the earth; Stryn, Nordnorge, Gränsen etc included. And He's probably preparing to get started down south in Meat and Fernet con coca land and New Sheepland as well.

The powdercruise was nevertheless the perfect end of the season and Heliskiing out of Abisko Mountain Lodge was definitely the way to end the end.

The heli took off 20 meters from breakfast...

And 10 minutes later we were at least 1000 meters higher...

believe it or not, this is actually Sweden and the tiny dot in the middle is the chopper... it is big enough

porky himself crusing the rare swedish big mtn pow

St. Bagarn getting it from the air

The Narvik mafia was also out with a chopper on this beautiful day and we could enjoy a beer with them at the Lodge afterwards, no fighting actually, even though they only got 8 peaks and we did 10. But they did get the steepest lines, and that is how thay like it because they are born and raised straight out of the mofokkin Mørkhåla.