Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh shit. Blogging just died again.

Got a new job as Scandinavian Managing Director for .se and .dk, at Mountain News Corporation. Will be doing most of my writing and also blogging there. Tune in to to stay updated on snow conditions, resorts, ski travel and more, for those who are down with Norwegian language. English at

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Myrkdalen - The Dark Valley

Had a shitload of great deep Japan-style days in Myrkdalen last season. Hoping for another winter like that! Here is the edit from a couple of the best days me and Kjetil Isaksen had there last season:

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Mountainbike season. Canvas, Fjørå and home in Hemsedal

I'm still very off on the blogging, sorry. Computer time has been kept for the stuff someone pays me for. Think I need to start paying myself for blogging to get any change around here. Anyway: The rest of the time I've gotten to go out quite a bit lately, for some bike riding, and been on two  great trips as well as some nice rides back home in the Hyggevalley.

Fjørå. Alex hitting a stone pile (varde) that we did a little remodeling on at Mefjellet. Are Tallak and Mattias Fredriksson capturing for Norrøna Magazine story and video next year.

Great to get back to Fjørå again, hitting all the good spots together with locals Veronica and Bjørnar, getting great shots of the new Norrøna fjørå collection and hanging out with good guys like Armin the Swiss Hobbit.

I'll write some more, about Canvas and stuff, when I get some more time.

Max Hygge is also shredding on two wheels by the way:


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh shit, blogging is dead!

Ups... been like half a year since I posted anything here. That's because blogging is out. Not very trendy any more. And facebook is going out of business. Soon.

Or I haven't done that much dirty trix in big mountains in like half a year actually, since I've mostly chilled with the family, worked and trying to get my shoulder fixed. Now things are starting to roll again and there might be some big trix comin. Winter is approaching and I hope to get back in the action game then, and some bloggin with it.

Mean while, check out the movie we made with Norrøna in Lofoten last winter: It just released now, together with the new Norrøna lofoten collection:

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Two shreds and a wedding

Weddings are usually not my favorite activity. You know; the suit, the speeches, the smalltalk, the waiting, the preachers's usual religious bullshit brainwash babbeling and so on. Of course a good party is always hygge enough, but add some travel to that and we're closing in on hassle. For me I do enough travel, and partying with that, so I prefer to do that when I'm headin' for some fun.

Snowskate apetize
This wedding was different though. Based way up in the mountains at Grotli Hotel, running the ski lift for the occation, shred and slopeside BBQ burgers before the seremony, super family friendly setup, pre dinner snowskate sessions, pro riders on the guestlist, super smooth and slushy park and shred Sunday instead of hangover day to round it off. Thanx for a great time Tord and Jeanette!
Tord & Jeanette + Sondre

Mina joining for the wedding day shred
Max Hygge back country shred
Fredrik Austbø pro shred

Pre-seremoni slopeside burger BBQ

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ride in Peace - Erik Lundström (1977-2011)

When you've got a couple hundred hard charging freeride friends you better be prepared for, or at least have considered the possibility of someone riding their last line early in their life.  Fredrik "Frippe" Ericsson did it on K2 last year, and this week our friend and fellow Hyggedal-citizen Erik Lundström passed away. Shred in peace dudes, see you in powder heaven some day. I'm just planning to take a couple more rides here first, and taking it a little bit more easy as I've got a couple of kids and a woman to hang out with for about 40 years or something more.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From Lofoten with Love

Niko and Vegard straight outta Tromsø Loooped crew shredited this Shred Televison shredisode after hanging out with us in Lofoten a couple weeks ago:

"The last weeks of march we headed to the Lofoten Islands and hooked up with the Norrøna crew for an epic adventure in the land of stockfish, fjords, waffles, eagles, old fishermen and love. Among ice, wind and clouds we found pow and even a bit of sun.

Thanks for watching!

Vegard Rye
Ruth Leisibach
Håvard Ånensen
Bruno Compagnet
Nikolai Schirmer
Torkel Karoliussen
Kjetil Isaksen
Bjørn Thomas Romsøe

Yeman Djemár - The Magicians Art
The XX - Crystalised (The Neon Lights Remix)
Bright Eyes - One for You, One for Me"

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