Monday, October 3, 2011

Mountainbike season. Canvas, Fjørå and home in Hemsedal

I'm still very off on the blogging, sorry. Computer time has been kept for the stuff someone pays me for. Think I need to start paying myself for blogging to get any change around here. Anyway: The rest of the time I've gotten to go out quite a bit lately, for some bike riding, and been on two  great trips as well as some nice rides back home in the Hyggevalley.

Fjørå. Alex hitting a stone pile (varde) that we did a little remodeling on at Mefjellet. Are Tallak and Mattias Fredriksson capturing for Norrøna Magazine story and video next year.

Great to get back to Fjørå again, hitting all the good spots together with locals Veronica and Bjørnar, getting great shots of the new Norrøna fjørå collection and hanging out with good guys like Armin the Swiss Hobbit.

I'll write some more, about Canvas and stuff, when I get some more time.

Max Hygge is also shredding on two wheels by the way:


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