Friday, August 22, 2008

Singletrack utflukt to heaven

Bendik Been on my tail at Skeikampen.

Headed up to Skeikampen in the middle of tjukkaste Norway and joined Terrengsykkel Magazine's singletrack event "utflukt". This place is singletrack mountainbiking heaven in Norway and this is the weekend where there is full on hygge and action here.

Coming down from Prestkampen, Benny, me and Snorre Son of Sverre Jensen

Ground zero at Skeikampen apartments.

Norrøna's chill zone with fat gore-tex bean-bags and god stemning.


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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Surf Report: Saltstein

Tallak and Hell-Bent have been off to the Salty Rock and brought the Cannon SLR. Obviously the storm that ended the fantastic BBQ-summer down east at least brough some bumps on the ocean into the Oslofjord.

Bjørn Erik Hagen just came out of that green hole.... right?

An angry crowd of 20, at about 20 hundred hours, just before the swell peaked. Salt Rock Pipeline at its best... right?

Bentsky and Tallak gettin some of that saltstainsgourmet up in the sjæla between sessions.

Bjørn Erik again sending some of that water back where it came from.

Tronde Brudeset is bailed out by a local salt-rock-chick.

Tallak in for a white ride.

Unknown salt-rock pro throws a floater on his Brennmanet-camo board.

"We will be back!" -Tallak and Bent, somewhere in the Oslofjord.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Good summer swell and bikiniføre out west

Jonas Nilsson gettin roofed in E-bay.

We were just hit by a quick but good summer swell out here at Cabo del Vestlandet. Waves of over 2 meters were reported coming straigh at us from the west so Harrold Barreld stopped shaping, dove into his quiver, found us some boards and we headed out to Ebay for the party.

Crowded with angry locals in E-bay, harder than the Karan of Hustavika themselves.

The dirty semilocals, Ask, Frode, Jonas and some others were on the lineup already so we just jumped in and joined the party.

Harrold hoping to live up to his name and get Barreld.

Unfortunately the swell dropped just as fast as it came but luckily left enough bumps so that we could surf longbords in Hoddevik. Sided with perfect weather and good temperatures for a week it was made for the tropical beach week with work on the hang manouvers and beach volley.

Dropping but still good stuff to play around with, especially with no neo on.

Max Hygge also getting ready to catch some waves in his new O'neill wetsuit.


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