Sunday, February 7, 2010

Japan aftermath: Stocholm BC and heading for the Alps

It was goot to get back to the family after the Japan adventure, even though we could definitively enjoyed a couple more weeks in "the land of the rising sun and strange stuff for breakfast".

Max Hygge helpin daddy switch fromthe Japan pow planks to the Europe hardpack tools.

Got a nija setup for Max before leaving J-pan and went for a size 3 years since he is 2 but likes it baggy. Not too clever though, as a Japanese kid size 3 is about a 0,9 Scandi... He digs it anyway, and it goes well with the goggles that he is wearing a lot now, getting ready for a week in the alps.

I also had to stay in shape and its been dumping hard in Stockholm so I've been hitting up the hard core backcountry of local trash hill Hammarby Mountain, on a longboard together with Mats the Swedish Punk. Awesome. Stockholm rocks! (Not. But is better when it snows at least.)

There it is. The urban big mtn.

The Swedish Punk, ready to rip.

Now, flew down to the alps to get a couple days of skiing in before hitting ISPO with Norrøna and then getting a week in Engelberg with the family. Awesome. Will be back with some swiss pow.

Engelberg, CH, good to be back.

Norrøna at ISPO. Drop by, I'll be in the bar.

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