Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lopped takeoffs in Lofoten

Went to Lofoten for a quick surfout with Nico and Vegard from the Looped crew out of the Tromsø hood. Shitty forecast could not stop the young looped spirits so we boarded the surfcruise wessle with fat smiles despite knowing that the journey would never end with epic surf.

Droppin in on Nico and going for the magic seaweed grab

Takeoffs were all we got as the swell dropped even faster than we'd thought, but still spirits were high and we were happy lopping takeoffs and 2 secconds of fame literarely on the rocks. The fierce crowds of course were as hostile as ever in the bay and we shared the leftovers and worked on some special skills, like reversed duckdiving and magic seaweed doublegrabs to keep a minimum distance between bords and rocks.

Lofoten new local senseless L to the K hooked up with our crew, joined the sightseeing and snapped some shots azz usual, thanx! Not to mention that we ended up crashing in the senseless crib after celebrating Vegard's 18 years of chasing barrels with legally bought and drunk 50's and senseless burito specials. A reason good enough to go to Lofoten no matter what forecast. Through hotdog party at Narvesen on top of that and you've got the #1 hygge destination in the world.

More pics and words at the looped blog. -Torkel

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pillow War: snowed down in Italy last winter

Went to the Dolomites in February last season and had some of the best skiing ever, until we just had to get out of there before everything closed and the mid-station even got blown out by an avalanche. Here is what I blogged then: cushinos and cappuccinos.

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