Tuesday, January 18, 2011

West is best!

The goods have been coming in on the west coast of Norway for weeks now and the snow conditions have been epic. Some of the days theese last weeks will be definitely be remembered for a while, in Voss at least, and go down in history as the legendary January 2011 pow days.... or something...

One of many golden west coast moments - www.digitalnatur.no

After a relatively slow start like normal here in Norway, the west coast, with the resorts in Stranda and Voss leading the way, got into good conditions as a Christmas present to those residing on the west coast, and those who were smart enough to pack their shit and get the hell over there:

Beeing camped in Hemsedal, mid way between east and west, I've been taking advantage of the relatively quick drive and gotten over there on short notice, after some first hand eyeball reports from trusted sources like my man Kjøttulf aka "Meatloaf" Isaksen, Sverre aka "Candy King" Hjørnevik and Benny The Kid aka "Bænny" Hjort.

Candyking approaching.

Norway, and especially the west coast, means changing weather, lots of wind and unpredictability. Lots of percipitation, that is good, but often as rain = not good. For a long time now though, it's been keeping cold though, so the snow has been building up into botomlessness, and mid January the pole in Myrkdalen marks about 2,5 meters, that is a great start of the winter:

2,5 meters and more to come...


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