Friday, April 15, 2011

Corruption in action

The world is full of it, it's everywhere, not only in poor african countries but probably closer to you than you think. Corruption is what I'm talking about! Now you even have to watch out for it in your local ski magazine:

I entered in a Swiss Tourism marketing stunt competition held through; "make your own creative and fun version of the swiss air add and win a free trip for two to Engelberg":

with this:

and even this complete advertising plan:

but then the results came and this one took away the price:

What tha hell is that? I'm probably missing something that's funny or something, but unless these dudes are a famous norwegian gay couple recently arrested for inapropriate conduct with animals, or something like that, then this comp is definitely rigged. The kuken i fjellet can't be beat by that crap in a fair comp?

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