Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spa by fishing boat in Lyngen

Went on a pow fishing trip to the Lyngen Alps with an old fishing boat rebuilt into a spa. Another additon to my list of "the worlds best way to travel", where Hurtigruten and the Glacier Express have been alone on the very top for some time now.

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The weather was as good as it could be and even though there has been massive wind since last snowfall we found some faces with good snow to ski. Photographer Kari Medig was among us on the trip, shooting for SBC Skier (Canada) and theese are a quick taste of his photos from the trip.

Found this nice face on the backside of "Storgalten" and got some nice shots while I got to ski a little line with not too deep but really good pow.

Since we were on the Spa boat the days were definitely over when we got down from the mountain. Hot tup on the back of the boat was a good place to enjoy the view of the mountains with a little attåt.

And when it got too hot the 6 meter diving tower got in handy.

With better and better style as more enhet's were added to the attåt list.

Then back to the mountain in the morning and taking some air there too.

This is a shot I took of the other photographer on the trip, Johan Wildhagen. Think he was having a good day at work.

See some other pictures and read more in Norwegian at FriFlyt.


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