Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ribsurf at the west cape

Cruised out west to Stad and Hyggevika again to get some surf. The forecast was great and we got what we were primised when the X-trail finally rolled into H-bay. Started off with a couple of nice clean days before the big storm rolled in and started to whip up the ocean for real. When Jarrolds called up and said he had a couple fat and fast RIB’s ready to take us out in search of some new waves working in this massive swell.

We loaded up the boats with people, boards and a cam to document the mission, before pushing the pedal to the rubber and heading out. After a ride that would have been worth the whole trip alone, we found a massive ugly wave that came straight out of the ocean like an angry fist. Unfortunately it died out just as fast as it rose up, but Jarrolds and Harrold Barreld got in anyway, just to prove it was surfable. After some paddeling around in the mess both of them hit the spot and got the shortest ride of the season, but maybe the most angry takeoff with a not unsignificant drop.

The O'neil search hits the oceans of the west cape.

There it is, a fist full of water.

Paddeling the grand ocean

Harrold Barrel proves the wave is surfable, at least for a couple of seconds

Time to teg out of dodge...

Really time to get out of dodge...

Simen got the proof we needed caught on cam and we saddled up about a million hoarses again and got another epic ride back. Fast. Mission accomplished, though maybe not with the best possible results. We are ready for another RIB adventure soon, hopefully resulting in a different and better wave beeing discovered.


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