Saturday, January 23, 2010

Japan Part two: got sushi, got pow, need some steeper terrain

Finally got myself to sit down between all the yuki, biru, sushi and onsen, to write another BIG mountains dirty TRIX dot COM update from the land of the never rising sun.

Following Nick Waggoner into the stashes.

After a day of locked down heels on the borrowed Hellbents, my skis came ut from Tokyo together with Jens, aka monkey boy, and we were good to go snowsuring. With Maaya-San makin sure we slept good at the Hilton, Tomoko-San makin sure we got up the mountain on the Niseko Village Gondola right outside the lobby, Nick-San leading us to the white goods and and Yuki getting us fed Japanese style, we were made.

Stopped snowing. In Japan?

Getting some upside down time.

And you gotta eat.... rectum.

leftover? no, im gonna finish it.

Smart setup for J-pow, just ask Vegard

A rectum-burrito after skiing?

Even the telephone posts have pillows bigger than anything you can find in Norway on top of their 10cm radius area.

The tunneling deep snow from day 1 did not repeat itself, as it stopped pownding down and the snow settled quickly. Beeing able to see whan you ski was ok too, so we did not cry about that, even though we would not mind another day of faceshottubes. Instead it was time to hike up top, get some longer runs and also find some stuff to jump off of. After all, landings, that's what pow is for.

Stay tuned. We are heading for some steeper terrain with more airs!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Japan part one: got pow, need sushi.

After a madness trip, with first plane late out of Stockholm, second plane technical problems at Frankfurt, lost luggage chaos in Tokyo and almost missing connection to Sapporo, we arrived in Niseko to ski over head pow full on from the first morning.

Porpoising: coming up for air between long stays in the white room under the lifts in Niseko.

Coming into the mountains with the bus from the airport I could already tell it was going to be epic. I knew the snow had been good for a week and it was still pjuking. It could not go wrong. … at least if I´d have had any skis. Boots were hand luggage though and I managed to get some Hellbents from a couple of cool local dudes running Niseko Powder Lodge so the game was on.

The borrowed Hellbent getting the job done.

Reversed camber, yes please. All that we can get. It does not get much better than this. Ever. 50 meter roosters, double overhead sprays and 10 second faceshots is even more than I expected from the legendary Japan pow.

We have had a couple of good days in Niseko now, cheked into the Hilton and enjoying hot-tubbing with the fishes and the in-house gondola there before are heading out for some more adventurous stuff; maybe a remote cat-skiing trick, maybe some hard core touring and then heading south into the J-alps. Stay tuned.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holiday Hygge in Hemsedal

After the American pow adventure it was time to get back to reality. Hygge was awaiting me at the airport and we straightlined for good times Christmas celebrations in the woods of Sweden, then NewYears in the hills of Norway.

Rippin pow is good but snowracer action with the hygge is the schizzles above all. Throw in a tractor, an ATV and some good old good times in the hay and we're talkin' hard rock Christmas, Swedish style.

Sledding down to the barn to get into some...

tractor action...

and some more petrol powered farming tools.

and some environmentally friendly traditional farm fun.

Then up to Hemsedal to hook up with David and Cam and little My to get down with some New Years celebration and schredding. Max Hygge got to kick it on skis, freeride and back country style, and Mac daddy too. Good with a gradual stepping down of the pow consumption.


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