Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Max Hygge in Engelberg

ISPO was as usual: Bratwurst, beers and good people. Afterskiing at the Norrøna booth, with Norrøna Mag release, slideshows and stuff, meetings with old and new friends from the industry and Kiss Forever concert at the K2 stage.

Then headed back to Switzerland to schred some days before receiving the family and going full on into hyggemode in Engelberg. Of course it was snowing upon my arrival and Bjørn Thomas and Bård were ready to ride after not a not very prosperous trip to Engadin. We got about 20 cm average around the mtn I would say and it was good times even though the stuff underneath could be felt in many places… as both ice and in worst case rocks.

Welcome back to CH

Soft bumps in the woods of Brunni

Endre Løvsteik came down with his cam and we did some comfort shooting with him. One, two or three laps a day that is, with lots of food and beer in between. Exactly the way Engelberg should be done, if you ask someone who knows what they talk about, Johan for example, or Freddy F aka Da Director.

Steika and Bjørni stressing to get the shots.

Bjørni checking the depth

Bård heading towards another three-turn-wonder in good light on top.

Massive surroundings in Galtiberg

Max Hygge has arrived. It'll be all about ripping the kids hill the rest of the week.


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