Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Healthy and tender in Sunnmøre

Cruised up to Sunnmøre, north-west coast Norway, to get some more coastal pow. Hooked up with the Canadians again, as well as the local Fjørå-rippers on board Bjørnar and Veronica and a few more. The north-west coast has been warm this year and Stranda is not having as much this year as Normal, and it was quite-all-right anyway evnthough it could easily been a couple of degrees colder when we were there too. But up high it was nice and dry. We slapped the skins on and went for it as soon as the sun came out.

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The Sidestashes, corbon-neytral freeride access.

The Healthytenderalps at their best.

A bit of Methane and CO2 beeing released from theese guys but still the most environmental way to go.

Helmet on for this self portrait on the top ridge. About 1000 meters average 76 degree slope down from there....

A better way down.

Veronica cruising down towards the valley.

Doin some old school mooves for Kari in the lunch break. Hope to get a taste of his photos from this trip too on here soon.

A little big city Hygge break and then back to Sunnmøre again.

Thanx to Veronica, Bjørnar, Eivind, Henning, Øyvind, Kari and Colin for a great trip. And to all the dudes and dudettes of Strandafjellet, but that is for the next blog story.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spa by fishing boat in Lyngen

Went on a pow fishing trip to the Lyngen Alps with an old fishing boat rebuilt into a spa. Another additon to my list of "the worlds best way to travel", where Hurtigruten and the Glacier Express have been alone on the very top for some time now.

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The weather was as good as it could be and even though there has been massive wind since last snowfall we found some faces with good snow to ski. Photographer Kari Medig was among us on the trip, shooting for SBC Skier (Canada) and theese are a quick taste of his photos from the trip.

Found this nice face on the backside of "Storgalten" and got some nice shots while I got to ski a little line with not too deep but really good pow.

Since we were on the Spa boat the days were definitely over when we got down from the mountain. Hot tup on the back of the boat was a good place to enjoy the view of the mountains with a little attåt.

And when it got too hot the 6 meter diving tower got in handy.

With better and better style as more enhet's were added to the attåt list.

Then back to the mountain in the morning and taking some air there too.

This is a shot I took of the other photographer on the trip, Johan Wildhagen. Think he was having a good day at work.

See some other pictures and read more in Norwegian at FriFlyt.


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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Da trees in Davos

Headed to Davos to check out the treeskiing there since it never seemed to stop snowing this season and the tree trees is the only way to go for seeing anything. Titlis does not really work when it is snowing and Brunni can only take so many Scandals before it is all tracked out, so we left Engelberg and went to ride with the Caruso Coffee Company in Davos.


Had just enough visibility to go huck some cliffs with Simen Berg and get some shots before it pulled in too heavvy in Engelberg. Then packed the car to stay away until the sun came out again.

Simen Berg on the wrong? side of the camera.

Maria appreciating some bushes in the whiteout.

Davos / Klosters has got massive freeride terrain and lots of it with trees that provide good riding also when the light is bad and it is snowing. When you have somebody to take you to the best stuff all you have to do is follow. Daniel DC Caruso claims he is a local, but we know he is an american living in exile, anyway he knows where to go and took me for some nice runs.

Dan findin the way down thorugh the good stuff.

We will be back to Davos! Thanx to Dan and Pep for the guiding, hookin the hygge family up and showing us the Valhalla pub and all the good people!

Dude, where is our car?

Thanx to Erik, Johan and the others for hookin us up in E-town. Check the Alpine Legends Blog!

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