Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some last winter results - exposure

Have been a real bad blogger this fall. I probably won't get any presents from blog-Santa... Gonna take it back when the shit hits the fan. The pow hits my face that is. That is after all what bigtrix.com is primarely about: the deep snow.

Warming up here with a copuple digital exposures of some stuff I've had published in print this fall. First of all just got a cover on last issue of Swedish ski mag Brant:

Also published a big guide to the goods in the Pacific North West (America) in Norwegian #1 action sport mag FriFlyt:

Here is even a little video clip from Revelstoke on that PNW trip I did with photographer Mikael Pilstrand. As you can see, quite good for December...:

See you on the mountain!

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