Monday, January 18, 2010

Japan part one: got pow, need sushi.

After a madness trip, with first plane late out of Stockholm, second plane technical problems at Frankfurt, lost luggage chaos in Tokyo and almost missing connection to Sapporo, we arrived in Niseko to ski over head pow full on from the first morning.

Porpoising: coming up for air between long stays in the white room under the lifts in Niseko.

Coming into the mountains with the bus from the airport I could already tell it was going to be epic. I knew the snow had been good for a week and it was still pjuking. It could not go wrong. … at least if I´d have had any skis. Boots were hand luggage though and I managed to get some Hellbents from a couple of cool local dudes running Niseko Powder Lodge so the game was on.

The borrowed Hellbent getting the job done.

Reversed camber, yes please. All that we can get. It does not get much better than this. Ever. 50 meter roosters, double overhead sprays and 10 second faceshots is even more than I expected from the legendary Japan pow.

We have had a couple of good days in Niseko now, cheked into the Hilton and enjoying hot-tubbing with the fishes and the in-house gondola there before are heading out for some more adventurous stuff; maybe a remote cat-skiing trick, maybe some hard core touring and then heading south into the J-alps. Stay tuned.

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