Sunday, October 19, 2008

Glossy in Portugal

Jumped on the plane and headed for Portugal with Capt Fendrix to get some more surf. Forecast could not be better and after a good night sleep we were getting waves. Max Hygge and Maria joined up and we are chillin at the Lapoint camp with heavvy fussball action and good food between the sessions.

Tor Fænrix, captain of the black gliset.

At the beachbreak in Peniche.

Safari for uncrowded waves is on the program.

Will be beck with more, after surfing....

PS: NEXT UP IS MAROKKO! FIRST WEEK OF DECEMBER, WHO WANTS TO GO? Trying to put up a killer crew, so send me an email at: marokko(at) to join!

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Snow in the moutains!

Marius on top of a snow covered mountain in October, somewhere in the outskirts of Jotunheimen, Norway.

The snow has come to the mountains of Norway. Jørgen J aka doctor-J-master and Marius eiendomsmegler Flaaten have been skiing pow around the Beito-hood while Camilla aka the freeride doctor has been jibbing with the family in Hemsedal.

Powder to the... boots maybe? Look out for sharks, they have not eaten all summer.

Analen in hemsedal puts on the first layer of white makeup for the ball.

My is telling David where to put on snow to get the angle right.

And watching mama do the test jump. Switch 270 safety to rail?

Papa showing what's hot this season: no gloves and no goggles.

-Bigtrix dot com, winter 08/09
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