Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Da trees in Davos

Headed to Davos to check out the treeskiing there since it never seemed to stop snowing this season and the tree trees is the only way to go for seeing anything. Titlis does not really work when it is snowing and Brunni can only take so many Scandals before it is all tracked out, so we left Engelberg and went to ride with the Caruso Coffee Company in Davos.


Had just enough visibility to go huck some cliffs with Simen Berg and get some shots before it pulled in too heavvy in Engelberg. Then packed the car to stay away until the sun came out again.

Simen Berg on the wrong? side of the camera.

Maria appreciating some bushes in the whiteout.

Davos / Klosters has got massive freeride terrain and lots of it with trees that provide good riding also when the light is bad and it is snowing. When you have somebody to take you to the best stuff all you have to do is follow. Daniel DC Caruso claims he is a local, but we know he is an american living in exile, anyway he knows where to go and took me for some nice runs.

Dan findin the way down thorugh the good stuff.

We will be back to Davos! Thanx to Dan and Pep for the guiding, hookin the hygge family up and showing us the Valhalla pub and all the good people!

Dude, where is our car?

Thanx to Erik, Johan and the others for hookin us up in E-town. Check the Alpine Legends Blog!

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