Friday, February 13, 2009

Cuschinos and cappuccinos. Viva Italia, all over again.

You just gotta love it. The coffe, the food, the people and the wine. And for this season the totally insane ammounts of snow on top of that.... Can it get too god?

Chris Hoter gets a hit on Bruno leaving an excellent Italian cuschino. Pillow that is.

Had a great time hanging out in the Dolomites with Chris and Bruno Compagnet eating pow, lasagna and pizza. Even got to ride a day with Tveito, Big Alex and Sandbech. Tveito stepped up the huck factor a allwas, at least till he planted his head in his knee, and even inspired old Brono to take more air in a couple of days than he had done for the last five years together according to himself.

Holter enjoying another hard day at the office.

Bruno on the last rock of the run, 10 m from the station.

Hooked up with Leo, our main man with the master plan in the Dolomites and he took us to the good stuff both on and off the mountain. When in Italy you have to enjoy the hygge with the locals, lots of espresson both at the top, middle and bottom station.

Leo taking us down through a hole in the clowds between the snow showers.

Some gourmet Italian snax, weissbier nad vino apre pillow skiing.

And some pizza, claro.

Can it get better? Or can it even get too good maybe? There can definitely be too much snow sometimes. We got out of Italy just in time before things started to collapse.... The roofs filled up with new snow faster than they could be cleared, the roads started to close and the lifts closed. Whan we got home this is what Leo sendt us:

I think it was on that chair I was sitting and enjoying a coffe...

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