Friday, January 23, 2009

Culo ars and coffe bars

Italy is the place to be this year. Finally the mountains of the Dolomites, with its lifts, coffee machines and couloirs randomly scattered around the uncrowded terrain, has got a good snow base this year.

Fripps Ericsson enjoys a little italian pow in a bit of bad and changing visibility. But no worries, all couloirs lead to coffee, and if there is any trubble in between, Frippulf allways has a rope in his backpack.

For the first time in years the Dolomites is in the very lead of the snow race. The base is excellent, and it seems every storm coming in is hammering theese mountains harder than everywhere else. Then, probably since there has'nt really been a lot of powder here for about 5 seasons, nobody is skiing it. They dont have the skis for it, they probably can't even ski anything else than piste, and actually it seems they are not very interresten in the pow stuff anyway. Perfecto.

Me ending a nice utracked run above the piste in Canazei. Seems nobody even thought about touching this snow. Photo: Mikael Pilbøg

Besides the skiing, Italy is a good place to be also because of the food and the drinks. The red wine is excellent, the pizza is value on the menu and the coffee afterwards is maybe most important. One before also. Ans then a dopio later. Viva la big ass espressomachine.

Bøgen explains his patented square pizza slizing tecniquen extreme and Frippe is stunned by this 11th wonder of the world from the north shore of Varberg.

At the top and bottom of every run you are shure to find a good Italian coffee.

Can you see the coffee bar down there?

Porky and the Pilbøg, straight outta Italy! Where do we go next? It is pjuking everywhere!

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  1. Yeay Torky!
    Nice to see you're getting some nice reports on the hyggeweb again, I was afraid it was history..

    Make a call when you're back in O-city!

    Are Tallak