Sunday, March 13, 2011


The "Vinterveko"-festival in Voss just went off, and me and Kjøttulf just had what may be our best ski day ever in a Norwegian ski hill. Myrkdalen is completely off the hook this year and it seems it is far from over yet. Keep dumping!

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Tagged along beginning of last week when Kjetil aka Kjøttulf aka Kjøttleif aka Kjuttavika passed by the bone dry valley of hygge heading west for the drowning dark valley of pow. Vinterveko was appreoachin and we had to take responsibility and get the pow tracked up before the hordes came in to Voss. We got the job done, but it just kept on snowing so unfortunately we had to leave some first tracks for some of the others too this week.

The conditions in Myrkdalen are rediculous this season, with every tree under 2,5 meters hidden under the snow, and the normally quite tight treeskiing has become more or less unlimited. The measuring stick on top of the mtn is at close to three meters, but in the trees, where the wind has not taken the good away, it's probably way more. And the top layer is about one pole length of soft....

Had an awesome week. Now back in the valley of hygge to change some diapers and heal the bruised body. Some shots:

You know what that look means...



Pow cafe.

Hope to be back in the dark valley of pow a couple more times this season.

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