Monday, January 10, 2011

Starting late, but deep.

Went to Africa in December (uups was a bad blogger again and skipped blogging that...) so this ski season started a bit late for me this year. But no worries, it always snows somewhere and the season is always as long as you want it to be, most people get tired of it before the pow melts anyway, and are well into the BBQing when some of us are still eating pow.

Folowing Are Tallak and Sverre Cornerbay in Myrkdalen

Been crusing piste and park in Hemsedal, where the snow came late too, and that's been chill, but it ain't really winter before the pow fest starts. Just about the time of year when Jesus popped out of his virgin mama's belly, Santa and the snow god got together to give large parts of Norway a great Christmas present. Many nice and not so nice grown up children have been enjoying the pow since then, and it's still snowing. We got it rediculously good in Myrkdalen, Voss, the other day, with quite rare conditions loking more like Japan than Norway. That means the pow season is on! Hope to keep the bigtrix updated!

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