Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer is over. Finally an update!

Been an awesome summer with bascap in H-bay, Stad @the west cape of Norway. Obviously I've been keeping a low blogging profile... don't wanna have too much computer time when the sun is shining. And especially not when there is waves...

Don't wanna sit inside when it's like that out....

Must say it's been a good summer wave wise at Stad this year. At least the start of it was even better than this winter, from what those who had been there through the cold months. Never very big but decent surf pretty much every week in June July.

Mostly it was longboard days of course, but many real nice ones, like this mid summer evening with just me and Harrold Barreld in the water:

Lots of fishing and stuff in between the sessions of course. And hangin out with the kids. And when it was flat; tarpsurfing of course:

more to come....

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