Friday, December 11, 2009

Kicking off the transatlantic season

The North West coast of USObama and British Colombia have had a good start of the season, with record November snowfalls and early openings in many places. I got on a plane with Mikael Pilstrand to get a piece of it and before we knew it we were eatin fat pancakes, driving a big gazoline addicted Chevy and headed way into the mountains of interior British Colombia, Canada.

Iceland Air, the best way to go. Scandinavia-West Coast USA before you even get tired of watching movies and drinking beer.

But 450 kr for a Croissant just feels real strange when you are a Scandinavian...

Then 12.95 dollars for breakfast seems a little bit better even though you can never finish the plate when you are Scandinavian.

Pilstrand working on it the starter. He could finish the coffee cup a couple of times though.

And once on the ground a big ass Chevy is the way to go. Maybe not the right moral choice in theese global warming times but when in Rome, do like the little Italian people, when in US drive a big fat car like the big fa.. American people.

And head into the mountains to search for some snow.

Stay tuned for more. -Torkel

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