Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ice Skate warmup for the season

In my efforts to meet the pow season in shape and well prepared, like a professional Swedish ski-model, I am trying out a numer of alternative training methods this year since the gym is a pretty boring place to be. Last out was ice-skating which proved to be a pretty good excercise, at least from the cramps in my lower legs to judge.

Me and my skate-buddy Oddis. Mind the golden skates, olympic champ special limited edition. And my custom made Norrøna speed skating cap prototype.

Hooked up with the dude of the dudes when it comes to ice and speed and tights and stuff, Ådne Søndrål, or Oddis as we dudes on the ice call him, Olympic Champion and world record setter on 1500 meters of this stuff. Got some expert tips that did not make me set any records on that track, but at least got me out of there without any serious injuries brought upon myself nor any others.

Rippin! Free ride ice skating is the shizzles!

Next is hopefully a shitload of cross country ski-skating up in Hemsedal with Skævvern, and some laps at the hill. Then I'll be all set. This season is gonna be full on pretty early this year!

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